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Where to Eat, Drink & Stay in Paso Robles, CA.

In 2021 I released my first "Where to Eat & Drink" list for Paso Robles, my favorite Central Coast wine town that is ever expanding and growing in popularity. When I first started visiting wineries in Paso, an average tasting was around $15, a welcomed departure in cost from its northern cousins Napa and Sonoma. Today, you are looking at an average tasting cost of $25, with that tasting fee being waived with the purchase of two bottles, no longer one. The price hike comes from equal parts inflation, a fire year where most wineries had to scrap their harvest and the pure fact that Paso Robles is now becoming one of the most popular wine destinations in the country. With so many choices on where to eat and drink it can by dizzying so I have decided to update my list. To be honest this may become an annual tradition.

Who managed to keep their spot and who was added? Find out below! Without further ado, here is my 2023 "must" list for Paso Robles.

Need a luxurious place to crash when you've had your fill of wine? Here is where you should stay.

Allegretto Resort & Vineyard

2700 Buena Vista Drive • Paso Robles, California 93446

Instagram - @allegrettovr

Website -

Average Cost of Room - $300

If you are looking for the way to my heart, then a resort in a vineyard that's inspired by a Tuscan villa that is overflowing with luxurious amenities, antiquities from around the world and grapevines as far as the eye can see....well, Allegretto Resort & Vineyard would fit the bill. I was incredibly fortunate to be gifted a stay at this hotel and I can not scream it's praises loud enough. My 48 hrs spent at this hotel were full of great food, beautiful rare wine varietals, fun activities and gorgeous art. Here are some of my favorite elements to this hotel.

The wine...lord have mercy the wine. I am going to make a bold statement and declare that Allegretto wines have some of *the best* Cabernet Sauvignons in the area. For years I didn't think I was much of a Cab girl but after trying some truly great ones, I realized that I just wasn't indulging in the right ones. Allegretto's Cab's are in fact, the right ones. My favorite part of the tasting was the side by side comparison of their Allegretto Cab and their Willow Creek Cab. Now the Allegretto is so called because it is grown on the property of the resort whereas the Willow Creek Cab grapes are grown further west where it gets more of that gorgeous sea fog. They were both delicious but there was sophistication to the Willow Creek that I couldn't live without so I snatched a bottle. Another not to be missed wine is their Tannat, an incredibly rare wine made from this single varietal that is usually added to blends and not usually left to stand on its own. This thick skinned red grape requires a longer aging process to make it palatable given its higher than average tannin quality so the fact that Allegretto allows it this time and produces a wine dedicated to this special grape is truly something to be celebrated.

One of the most unique elements to this resort and the thing I would argue makes it stand out the most, is their property and antiquities. When you first arrive at the resort you are greeted by a beautiful Tuscan building with Italian sculptures and then you notice that a statue of Ganesh in the corner? Yep. As a matter of fact the entire resort is a sort of art gallery of different antiquities from around the world including multiple large East Asian deities which seemed odd to me at first and then I realized the resort was way more about finding your zen than anything else. From outdoor labyrinths, to meditation spots that correspond to the signs of the Zodiac situated throughout the property; it really is an oasis amongst the vineyards.

Despite it being on a working vineyard in wine country, this hotel could easily be a family destination. Case in point was the family in the tasting room when we did our tasting. With activities for the family including ping pong, corn hole, bocce ball and a beautiful swimming pool with adjacent hot tub; the hotel has everything you could want as a single person, couple or family.

Then there's the food. We have all been disappointed by hotel restaurant food, it happens, it's normal but I am here to tell you guys that Allegretto's in house restaurant Cello *slaps.* The first night we were there my husband and I shared their Margarita pizza with added burrata and prosciutto (my husband's creation and a good one at that) and their pasta e fagioli. Both were delicious but the real star of the night was their signature Lemon cake. I don't even know how to explain it, just order it. Bring your appetite and enjoy because this restaurant and this resort are NO JOKE. Very much looking forward to returning in the future.

Thirsty? I think it's time for some libations.

Cass Winery

7350 Linne Road Paso Robles, CA 93446

Instagram - @cass_winery

Website -

Tasting Cost - $25 waived with 2+ bottle purchase.

Our second day in Paso happened to be on Valentine's Day which was also the day we'd decided to venture out and do some wine tasting. I'd been preemptive in my planning and had secured us reservations to Cass Winery and Cafe because I'd feared the hoards of engagement-ready couples crowding up every picturesque worthy location. What no one tells you however, is that wine country is *dead* in winter. Lucky for us because we got extra attention at this supremely beautiful winery. I'd chosen Cass on the fact that their wine is highly rated, I wanted a sneak a peak at their unique Geneseo Inn which looks incredible by the way and because they have a cafe that sells food and being stop #1 on wine tasting day, that was important. Turns out, their food is amazing and so is their wine. Bonus points for having incredibly hospitable staff!

I Recommend - Their Syrah and their Turkey sandwich with sweet & spicy apricot chutney.

Tin City

450 Marquita Ave, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Instagram - @tincitypasorobles

Website -

According to the Tin City's website, they are an,

evolving industrial makers market nestled amongst the oaks where friends, adventurers, and aficionados come together to partake in craft wine, beer and spirits served up by Paso’s most passionate artisans.

Basically there is A LOT of really good wine, beer, cider and spirits in a small little radius. I've been to Tin City in the past, my last memory of it was having been over poured and embarrassing myself in front of my (now) husband's friends while being too drunk, eating a cheeseburger and apologizing to some cows. Thankfully this time I held myself with more decorum. The most stressful part about visiting Tin City is choosing where to drink since over 20 wineries have tasting rooms there. Unlike Cass, I hadn't planned ahead for this portion of the day so we chose solely on ambiance and ended up doing a tasting at Sans Liege . To make a long story short, I am now obsessed. There is a certain magic that happens in a tasting room on occasion and it's some sort of special mix of the right wine, the right pourer and the right label art. Yes I did say label art. Being, once again, the only ones in the tasting room, we had the BEST time chatting with the salesman (shoutout to James!) who gave us in-depth info on each of the wines, helped with our tasting technique and explained in detail the personal connection the winemaker Kurt had with each of the wines. I mentioned label art because some of their bottles had artwork of depictions from "Dantes Inferno," a personal favorite, so it naturally scored points.

I Recommend - Sancha & Take the Pebble.

Time to sober up. Here's where you should nurse your wine hangover.

AMSTRDM Coffee House + Piano Lounge

725 13th ST Paso Robles, California 93446

Instagram - @_amstrdm

Website -

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my Seattle heart will always need to seek out the indie coffee houses wherever I go. For years, Spearhead has been the frontrunner when it comes to independent coffee houses in Paso, but personally, AMSTRDM is just...better. Am I biased because they have dutch doors and elderflower vanilla syrup AND a 113 year old piano? Maybe. But the coffee is damn good, the service is great and it has ample space inside and outside to get your work done during the day and lots of room to accommodate in the evenings for some wine and live music.

I Recommend - Elderflower Vanilla Latte & Dirty Chai.

Enough liquid. Let's get to the food. Here is where you should eat in Paso right now.


Cello at Allegretto Resort & Vineyards

2700 Buena Vista Drive • Paso Robles, California 93446

Instagram - @allegrettovr

Website -

On our last morning in Paso we opted to return to the hotel restaurant Cello instead of heading to our usual when-in-town spot, Andrea's on Pine and sweet lord were we pleased. As good as their dinner was, their breakfast was 3x better. My husband ordered the Belgium waffles and I got their MASSIVE breakfast burrito (bacon extra crispy.) There is just something about a great breakfast that leaves you feeling especially appreciative and I have to say this breakfast burrito is maybe one of the best I have ever had.

I Recommend - The breakfast burrito and Prosecco mimosa.


TASTE! Craft Eatery

810 11th St Paso Robles, California 93446

Instagram - @tastecrafteatery

Website -

There is one really important thing to remember if you are planning on dining at Taste....come hungry. You know how often at restaurants there is a main you really want but a side you also really want and a salad you also really want and you're thinking, "I can't order all of that!" Well my friends, at Taste, you can. Their menu is set up in a "mix & match" fashion meaning you can get two, three of four of anything on the menu on one plate. The challenge? GOOD LUCK CHOOSING. From burgers, to mac's to fancy Brussel sprouts, it is one stop shopping of the most delicious kind. Bonus? Since they are situated in the middle of downtown Paso Robles, they have an impressive wine menu as well as a creative cocktail menu. I'd passed by this place for years on my many trips to Paso and am so glad I finally gave them a shot!

I Recommend - Swimmin' Up Stream Salmon slider & the Savory Sprouts!


Pappy McGregor's

1122 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Instagram - @pappymcgregors

Website -

Ding Ding! The only location to keep its spot on this list is Pappy McGregor's! What can I say, I'm proper smitten with this traditional Irish Pub. I went there on my Bachelorette trip and now for Valentine's dinner with my husband, it's really just the perfect restaurant for any situation. I've been more times than I can count and each time I am amazed by the quality of the food. The continual standout to me is the French Onion Soup - traditionally a hard soup to make flavorful and my favorite when done right. Pappy's has struck the perfect balance of savory, richness and subtle sweetness making it the one thing I ALWAYS have to order when I come. Bonus point? For all my fellow Guinness lovers, they have a whole menu dedicated to Guinness creations. You're welcome.

I Recommend - French Onion Soup, Pappy's Mac n Cheese & the Blackened Salmon.

This wraps up this years "must" list for Paso Robles!!! Even if you don't take my suggestions, you're bound to find great food and wine in this quaint wine town. If you've been to any of these locations or think there is one I should add to next year's list, let me know in the comments!

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