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4 Airbnbs in Northern California for a Cozy and Creepy Stay for the Holidays

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

LA can be a lonely place during the holidays and with Covid still raging and the prospect of getting to spend time with family dwindles; I've decided to put together a list of cozy places to stay in California if you're looking for a socially distanced getaway with a *splash* of historical interest nearby. The only thing better than the holidays, is a holiday with a dash of creepy so pack your bags, grab a bottle of wine and get ready to get in the spirit...literally.

Travel tip: Book early!!! Airbnbs in California are booking up several weeks in advance, you don't want to miss a chance at these so book ASAP!

*All photos belong to their respective Airbnb owners.

Chic Alpine Cabin with Donner Party Neighbors in Truckee, CA

I don't know about you guys but I love a good cannibal story and there is no more famous cannibal story than that of the Donner party! Luckily for you, the site of the horrific and tragic event is actually a historical site and it's located just off of Donner Pass outside of Truckee, California! I had the pleasure of visiting last year and I was taken by the beauty of the area. Nestled in the mountains of Northern California just east of Sacramento, Truckee is full of small town charm that explodes in holiday cheer during the Christmas season. There is a thriving wine community in the area which means lots of local mulled wine which always makes my season brighter and what better way to spend this time than by retiring to this beautiful cabin? Full of all the best amenities and upgrades, sleeps 8, has a huge balcony enveloped by evergreens.....can you imagine enjoying your wine anywhere else?

Holly's cabin is a favorite so it won't last long!


Historic Miner Shack turned Cozy Hipster Retreat in Camino, CA

I am obsessed with this Apple Hill farmstead cottage!!!! This charming 1 bedroom, 1 bath cottage was originally a miner's shack on the Hassler Homestead circa 1800s and it's been beautifully restored and updated to give you a sexy, cozy stay! In addition to the fire pit outside and hot tub, you can actually walk to Lava Cap Winery or you can drive the 6 miles to Placerville, CA which used to be called "Hangtown" because that is where all the public executions would take place for the criminals! In fact, the historic Placerville hotel is where people would stay to get a prime viewing spot. I happen to have stayed a night there and had the most terrifying haunted experience of my life. Placerville is also a Hallmark level cute town with a poppin' brewery and incredibly kind people. I can not promise any ghostly sightings at the Apple Hill cottage, but seeing as though it does date back to the 1800s and mining was a hard job especially since it was hard rock mining in the area; it's plausible you may have a visitor during your stay. Or perhaps the only spirits you'll be experiencing is the ones you'll be drinking in the hot tub.

Do not miss your chance to stay in this rare find!


Round House Perched Above a Haunted Orphanage in Grass Valley, CA

This is going to sound weird but I love round things, so a round house sitting up in the hills of picturesque Grass Valley, CA can only be a win to me. This architectural marvel sits above one of my favorite NorthCal towns. Grass Valley is full of historic charm, buildings, wineries, insane Christmas decorations oh and a super creepy orphanage. If you're like me and resent how much cool history the east coast has, then you'll be happy to know that the only surviving Victorian orphanage is right here in Grass Valley. Mount St. Mary's Convent and Orphanage Asylum was built in 1865 to house the orphaned children of miners. The building still stands today as a museum and apparently is still haunted by both children and *eek* my worst nightmare, ghostly nuns. If this is too creepy for you, no worries, there is tons of holiday cheer in town and when you're ready to retire back to your lodgings, you'll be met with 365 degree views of the mountains, a hot tub, fully stocked kitchen, multiple beds and a clawfoot tub. I'll raise a glass to that.

Don't miss your chance to stay at this Superhost Airbnb!


Historic Stone Ice House a Stones Throw from a Haunted Castle in Amador City, CA

I don't know about you guys but I've never seen such a beautiful 1800s stone ice house in my life! This absolute marvel is a rare find on Airbnb and it just so happens to be less than 10 miles away from Preston Castle, the infamous reform school built in 1890 and opened in 1894 in Ione, CA that is said to be one of the most haunted places in California. What makes this place so special is just how close it is to so many historic towns with crazy creepy ghost stories, graveyards and as always....ample wineries. If you're feeling lazy and don't want to go amateur ghost hunting, no problem! Stay in and sit by your very own creek or make a fire in the fireplace or prepare a nice meal and take a shower with someone in the master bath rainfall shower. No matter how you spend your time here, it's sure to be festive, cozy and incredibly historic.

This one won't last, don't miss your chance!


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