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Hi! I'm Malia and I am the creator of all things Macabre Mondays! 

You may be wondering who this woman is who can't stop making content about creepy, historical places so let me introduce myself - my name is Malia Miglino, I am from Seattle, WA and for the last 13 years I have been working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I am what people refer to as a multi-hyphenate because I do, well, many different things. I am an actor, makeup artist, show creator, host, writer and producer. I have executive produced shows with UNIVERSAL, FOX, MARVEL and NBC and began creating my own content when I was getting discouraged from the lack of auditions and started making my own opportunities. 


I first created Macabre Mondays as an outlet to talk about all the creepy places I was visiting on my days off set and because I love history, I wanted to share the truth behind these locations with an audience. The following of #Creeps the show got, encouraged me to keep making the show and so far I've made 3 seasons. 

After learning about the growing disappearance of historic cemeteries in America, I began my next show Grave Hunter where I visit historic cemeteries and share some of the stories of the people buried there in hopes that people will start giving more care to preserving these hallowed grounds. 

The next two shows History Rants and Horror History, were born out ideas from my Instagram. It was often I would get on Instastories and rant about history, people seemed to really respond to it so I decided to bring it to a larger audience. 

I truly love what I do and am so humbled when other people enjoy it as well. I have been blessed to have my shows create opportunities for me around the world and I hope that continues to grow and my shows evolve and hopefully find homes on larger platforms. Until then, you'll catch me with a spooktail in my hand talking about creepy history to any camera I can. 

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